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An example of delivery of sealing for a forging press in TS Plzeň a.s.

The forging press was delivered to the company Areva.

Sealing examples

TMS1012 KL

  • Sealing S10-12 KL comes in version S1012 T or M made for media with low lubrication capabilities.

  • TMS10-12 KL material of sealing lips made from POLYURETHANE (not reinforced, it is flexible and it has a 7x higher abrasion resistance than NBR).

  • The sealing effect of the material without reinforcement is attained by pressure of the working media on the sealing surface. I.e. sealing has a certain preload that ensures tightness when the pressure is nearing 0 Mpa; the thrust during higher pressures gets proportionately higher due to the pressure of the working media. That secures a longer service life of the sealing.

  • The disadvantage is that the sealing system is too effective. When dealing with media with lower lubrication capabilities (lower viscosity), there is not enough sliding surface of the working media on the last lips of the sealing. The lips get damaged very quickly due to increased mechanical friction.

  • The KL solution lies in creating a space in the area of the friction contact. In this area, the working medium is being trapped and that ensures the supply of liquid for every sealing lip. This enables the use of modern polyurethane material with its excellent sealing capabilities.


A wiper ring developed exclusively for heavy hydraulics.

This wiper ring can be made both from polyurethane and from NBR (a split version is possible) or FPM.